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Resources to help teachers deliver the D&T curriculum online

We know that schools in Victoria are being severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many of you are preparing to teach online. DATTA Vic will continue to work hard to support all our members. We are still here to answer any questions or give advice - contact us at We are getting ready to deliver teacher professional learning via webinar, and we will be constantly updating this web page with resources or useful links that you can use if you are no longer able to teach face-to-face.

If you have any resources for teaching Design & Technologies online, please send them to Laura at and we will share them with your colleagues here.



COMING SOON - VCE PD&T, PRIMARY STEM , CODING & ROBOTICS and TECx (the National Online Design Challenge for Technologies Students)




A note on digital folios from Jacinta O'Leary:

Digital folios can be done with any software and any combination of software. There is really no difference between them and a printed folio.
  • Word and Powerpoint can easily be saved as pdf files. They can be used for all the written components.
  • Drawings can be scanned and saved as pdf. Sometimes I allow photos but mostly students take poor quality, crooked, blurry photos so I only let the 'good photographers' do that.
  • Google Slides can be used for research collecting as well as the journal later in the year. Screen shots can be taken and saved as pdf.
  • CAD files can also be submitted as pdf, albeit a screen shot if needed.
These are all the simple software that most students have access to, others are also useful. Then to submit, I ask my students to combine their work for each criterion separately into its own pdf. They need to check the file size and make sure it is under any restrictions they may have.



  • Oxfam's What She Makes Action Guide is a great resource on ethical fashion for textiles students. They also have teacher notes and student worksheets which are benchmarked to the Australian Civics and Citizenship and Geography curricula but could be adapted for D&T. There's a downloadable game and a letter writing Activity Guide.
  • Another great textiles resource from Oxfam - check out this padlet on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fashion industry
  • Days for Girls is an International charity which aims to increase access to menstrual care and education for girls in developing countries. Normally they work with groups to make pads, but right now, they are turning their attention to the Covid 19 Crisis, and are calling for people to make face masks for hospitals and clinics instead. A great project for your students, and thanks to Phillippa Loton for sharing.
  • The NGV may be shut, but your students can still take a virtual tour of the Collecting Comme exhibition
  • DATTA Vic has a Design & Technologies - Textiles page which has a wide range of resources and useful links
  • This is a great time to get your students involved in the Wool4School Competition
  • The V&A have released a free downloadable sewing pattern, along with simple instructions, for Mary Quant's 1962 Georgie dress - a great resource! 


A note from Veena Nair on software and resources for Systems Teachers

  • Yenka is a great option to simulate electronic circuits and mechanical projects for Systems Engineering. Yenka also offers resources in Science and Technology and it is always free for home use for both students and teachers. It's particularly helpful for Unis 2, 3 and 4. For Units 1  and 2  the Science section (Physics) has some very useful stuff
  • Solid Edge is  free for students a little more high end than Fusion 360 but have the option to get certification which is recognised globally
  • Clickview  is free for all public schools  and has some good videos mapped to various subjects and Vic standards and worksheets to go with them.
  • Here are a range of resources on Wolfram SystemModeler, which include lesson plans, training notes and workbooks. You can also watch a series of 10 instructional videos for a step-by-step guide to using SystemModeler to teach VCE Systems Engineering
  • Aaron Powter's DCTSolutionsAU is a YouTube Chanel with a wealth of online tutorials on machining, fabrication, welding, CAD-CAM, CNC, RC helicopters, robotics, vintage tractors and machinery
  • Pat McMahon suggested teachers explore the Socrative platform to teach online. It's an effective way to deliver online content, whilst monitoring and evaluating student learning at the same time. Pat has shared many of his own Technologies lesson plans on the site
  • Phil Coombs and Ian Watson sent us this Engineering - Design & Technology website, which includes lesson plans and printable activities
  • HUGE thanks to Steve Penna from LAPtek for making this unit of work on VCE Systems Engineering Unit 1 Mechanical Engineering available to free to all teachers



  • This fantastic process map was created by the Schoolhouse Centre for Educational Innovation has created a great Design Process Map which is based on IDEO's Design Thinking model. Click HERE for the Facilitator's Guide.
  • The UK's Design & Technology Association had produced a Design Thinking Random Scenario Generator - great for setting up some short design talks for students.
  • Museum Victoria has partnered with Kinderling Kids Radio to launch a Fact Detectives podcast series. Want yout students to take a look at the science and technology behind dealing with a city's waste? Have them listed to the Toilets episode!
  • Invent to Learn has an online Project Library filled with Maker activities
  • FUSE has a fantastic range of design-based activities to run with your classes - browse them all HERE
  • Practical Action has a searchable resource bank on D&T and STEM classroom projects related to global issues
  • Explore Design & Technologies Lesson Ideas on the Digital Learning Hub
  • Your students could research the world of Robotics and then design their own robot companion
  • Scienceworks has curated a range of its best online activitiesfor students to acess while its doors are closed
  • The Smithsonian Learning Lab has an enormous collection of STEM-related resources for educators teaching online
  • Kids Think Design explores a range of design careers, including product, environmental, film and fashion. Your students can explore the different jobs and then take part in their own design challenge. This is a great site!
  • How to Get your Students Started with Scratch - a Teacher's Guide to Coding,
  • Solar Budy are working on a Family Pack which would enable families to take part in this fantastic program which creates lights for developing countries. Could be a great D&T/STEM program to run which your students are home
  • Join the STEM Punks Teachers Facebook group to download their Unplugged STEM Activities pack for Prep - Year 6 
  • Learn with What You Have is a Facebook Page which offers "Buy nothing isolation homeschooling" resources - has some interesting upcycling challenges
  • ABC will extend its educational programming on ABC ME to support children and caregivers at home, from 10am to 3pm each weekday.They will offer additional online support through the ABC Education portal,with access to more than 4000 free resources mapped to the Australian curriculum – across subjects such as maths, science, technologies and STEM


Each year, DATTA Vic publishes Technotes, our online journal for members.

To ensure as many teachers as possible have acces to support during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are offering open access to our journal archive. You'll find a range of articles, interviews and lesson plans covering all aspects of the D&T learning area.

Technotes 2020 will be published for members only in September 2020


  • DLTV have compiled a fantastic Online Resource Hub to help teachers from different learning areas to access digital content and share their own lesson plans and useful links with other educators
  • This One Note resource gives you a step by step guide on how to make screen resordings using PowerPoint
  • Adobe are running a range of free webinars for teachers on how to use Adobe Creative Cloud in the classroom - useful for developing online resource
  • Makers Empire have created a free Learning from Home course for teachers
  • TEDEd@Home - A great resource that lets you search for TED Talks by year level/subject
  • UNESCO have collated a list of educational applications, platforms and resources that help facilitate student learning and provide social care and interaction during school closures

A note from Michael Gowers on creating student folios in Google Classroom

I created a Google slides template and got the students to store their work on their Google drive and then hyperlink across the file to the appropriate slide in their presentation.  Using Google Classroom allowed me to create an individually named presentation for each student.

Click HERE for a Dummies Guide to Using Google Classroom

Thanks to The Department of Education & Training's Strategic Partnerships Program for their support for DATTA Vic's Teaching Applied STEM in Design & Technologies initiative

Disclaimer: These resources the work of practising teachers or education providers, who have shared them in good faith and for general information only. They do not necessarily reflect the views of DATTA Vic, nor do DATTA Vic endorse the accuracy or suitability of the information for any particular purpose. Note that this material has not been verified by VCAA. Responsibility in response to the material must be accepted by users. For VCE, teachers must refer to the mandatory documents in relation to the VCE Product Design and Technology/Systems Engineering study designs from VCAA, which are available online and updated every year. For safety information, teachers must consult the relevant OHS Hazard Management section of the department's website.