The Covid 19 Face Mask Challenge

DATTA Vic are delighted to support this fantastic STEM challenge which has been developed by Seven Vinton from Oberon High School.

Schools throughout Victoria are invited to participate. Your students can design a facemask to be used by health professionals working on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entries close on September 18, and students can apply as an individual or as a group.

Winning entries will be shown at Geelong Tech School and on the DATTA Vic website as inspiration for future projects.

For further information, read a letter from the challenge creator Seven Vinton, and then download the information pack.

To edit the form you may need to install Adobe PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free here:

Good luck to the students who'll be taking part - we can't wait to see your entries!  


Resources for use with the COVID-19 Design Challenge

These resources have been created by the staff at the Geelong Tech School.

You can access the 3D Design student learning modules here:

  1. CAD Basics
  2. Basic CAD Tutorial
  3. CAD Challenges
  4. Engineering Drawings*
  5. Rendering
  6. DXF and Slicer
  7. Stress Analysis

There are also demo drawings available:

  1. Drawing 1
  2. Drawing 2
  3. Drawing 3

*The following Fusion 360 files are used in module 4:

  1. Example Mug
  2. Example Slicer
  3. Example Shelf Bracket
  4. Example Shelf Bracket improved

These links will support your students’ work:










Principles of good design


3D printed examples


Cloth Facemask Patterns and examples


Face mask design features


Warnings and advice:

When and where to wear face masks - recommendations from credible sources


Warnings about using homemade face masks


 Inspiring stories:


Competition resources including 3D files and examples!AnMei_NOVnKXgo8RAxBEyHcbC_PuGQ?e=5bqPe2


Spotlight - How to make a mask


Facemask Patterns


Cloth Facemask How to:


John Hopkins - Face Mask FAQs


Advice about facemasks and how to make one


100 million mask challenge


Plastics and bacteria


Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support for this project: