Creating Engaging Design Education Resources with Adobe Premiere Rush

This session includes:

Video editing on the go with Adobe Premiere Rush

Video is now considered a literacy. Because of YouTube, these days many people are saying it is almost as important to be able communicate via video as it is to be able to read and write. Premiere Rush is a relatively new product from Adobe designed for YouTubers, students and teachers on the go. It allows you to film and edit via a phone or tablet  but it is also part of the Adobe Creative Cloud so it is available on a laptop or desktop computer. It is the first multilayered mobile video editing device with access to four layers of video and four layers of audio, allowing for so much potential and control within the production. Premiere Rush projects can also be opened in the fully professional Adobe Premiere Pro video editing application which is also part of the Adobe Creative Cloud for those who want to go to the next level with their productions. This professional learning event will be an online workshop with Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe. To make the most of the event, download a copy of XD in advance of the session via your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App or via