The critical shortage of qualified Design & Technologies teachers is the biggest issue faced by our learning area. DATTA Vic is advocating on our members' behalf to government and the tertiary sector, but we know more short-term solutions are required.

In 2019, we set up our first Teaching Design MasterclassThis program is targeted at new and existing teachers who may not have had initial Technologies teacher training but are currently teaching the D&T curriculum in secondary schools. 

Since then we have run a second face to face workshop, have a pilot virtual program for regional teachers scheduled for March 2021, and have also piloted a Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass in partnership with Banyule Nillumbik Tech School.

For information on our next Masterclass program, contact Laura at pl@datta.vic.edu.au.

Hear from our participants:

Feedback on the Teaching Design Masterclass:

"I’ve taught for 2.5 years as a STEAM (Design Tech) teacher. Now I feel I know what I am actually supposed to be doing."

"The most useful parts of the Mastercalss were having time to use CAD, watching others and learning. Gathering ideas and applying the design process."

"The hands-on sessions were great for expanding my skills knowledge, and the curriculum sessions were great for inspiration."

"I always felt STEM belonged in Design and Tech, so it was refreshing to see how other schools tackled this concept as this is what my job will be in the very near future."

"Good to get the confidence to stand up for our learning area and make it vital – particularly useful through STEM and cross faculty curriculum planning."

"I will be now leading the drive in collaborative discussion with an emphasis on technology in problem solving and not around learning competencies to build a product, and will also encourage inter-disciplinary cross curricular options."

Feedback on the Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass:

"The masterclass covered all the requirements to be able to know how to begin teaching VCE Systems. A Lot of practical demonstrations and hands-on activities to develop skills for teaching."

"I learned a lot from this – new learning, new ways of doing things. It improved my understanding on various areas."

"Practical demos tuning us into having a go! The challenges throughout were pitched at the right fundamental level. Great strategies for how to teach complicated topics."

"Clear explanations, all experiential learning and tied carefully to the curriculum."

"It was amazing! I learned so much about course content in regards to VCE and I enjoyed learning the components of systems and coding. Very well presented and totally engaging. Thank you!"

"Congratulations. Your teamwork, preparation, enthusiasm and approach has made teaching this subject more realistic."