Design in Art: Frida Kahlo, Art Deco & Gothic Beauty (PL1860)

From left to right: Frida painting the portrait of her father, by Gisèle Freund, 1951 © Frida Kahlo Museum; Juz Kitson, You are everything; ripples moving ever outwards 2017. jingdezhen porcelain, merino wool, rabbit fur, marine ply and treated pine. Courtesy the artist and Jan Murphy Gallery; Christian Waller. The magician of the beautiful from The Great Breath, A book of seven designs 1932. Linocut. Collection: Bendigo Art Gallery

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DATTA Vic is delighted to partner with Bendigo Art Gallery on this fantastic professional learning event for textiles teachers.

After a coffee and an introduction from BAG staff, participants will be taken on a guided tour through three exhibitions;

Frida Kahlo, her photos features photography reflecting the interests and obsessions that Kahlo grappled with throughout her life including various portraits of her in different outfits. This is a unique glimpse into her personal life, family, her fascination for Diego Rivera and other loves, her crippled body and medical science, her friends and enemies, political struggles and art, the pre-Columbian past and her great love for Mexico and its traditions.

Gothic Beauty includes a large number of contemporary and historical artworks focusing on the themes of mourning. Included in this display are three stunning 19th century Victorian mourning gowns, jewellery, photography, painting, a hearse and more! 

Daughters of the Sun: Christian Waller & Klytie Pate explores the intertwining lives and work of Christian Waller, a printmaker and Klytie Pate, a ceramic artist produced artwork inspired by the bold geometry of Art Deco and the handmade ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement. 

After the Professional Development enjoy Christmas shopping in the gallery shop or stroll through the View Street arts precinct with its unique fashion shops, visit other art spaces or walk through the delightful Rosalind Park



Saturday 15 December

11.15am - 1.15pm



Bendigo Art Gallery

42 View Street, Bendigo, 3550



DATTA Vic/BAG members: $20

Non-members: $25



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