FAQ: Australian Technologies Curriculum

What is the current situation with the Technologies Curriculum?

The curriculum was implemented in 2017.


Where can I find the Australian Technologies Curriculum?

The Australian Technologies Curriculum (F-10) has been published on the ACARA Australian Curriculum website: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/technologies/rationale


What’s happening in Victoria ?

Victorian schools implemented the Victorian Technologies curriculum at the start of 2017.

Click HERE for the VCAA guidelines on the Technologies curriculum.

  • Government and Catholic schools are required to follow the Victorian version of the Australian Curriculum
  • Independent schools can choose to follow the Victorian Technologies curriculum or refer directly to the ACARA Australian Technologies Curriculum
  • All schools are required to implement the Australian or Victorian Curricula
  • According to the VCAA Curriculum Planning Guidelines, the Technologies curriculum is:
    • ‘Drawn on’ in the curriculum from Foundation to Year 2
    • Fully reported on from Years 3 - 10


Will there be a Senior Years (Years 11-12) Australian Curriculum developed for the Technologies area?

At this stage there are no plans for a national Year 11/12 subject in the Technologies area that might replace or duplicate any of the Technology VCE study designs. It is unlikely that anything will be developed.