FAQ: Safety in the Technology classroom and OH&S

Where do I find information about the education department’s safety requirements for Technology classrooms?

The current guidelines for Safety in the Technology classroom can be found on our OH&S page:

Can senior students use industrial machinery? (Restricted plant)

On the link above, there is a list of safer machinery and restricted machinery.

Restricted machinery includes:



Rip Saw (Table Saw, Bench Saw)

Band Saw

Docking Saw (Cross-Cut Saw, Radial Arm Saw)

Triton Work Centre

Portable Circular Saw

Circular Saw Table

Slide Compound Mitre Saw & Compound Mitre Saw

Reciprocating Saw

Guillotine (Powered or manually-operated)

Panel Saw

Grinder (Pedestal or Bench)

Buzzer (Surface Planer)


Spindle Moulder

Power Wood Shaper

Portable Planer

Metal Cut-off Saw

Table Inverted Router

Portable Plunge Router (unsecured) i.e. without template or guide fence.

Schools must put very strict guidelines and controls in place before students can use restricted machines. Schools must ensure that:

  • Any teachers teaching and supervising students while using these machines must have the ‘Safe Use of Machinery’ accreditation
  • Thorough risk assessments on all machinery and all activities have been carried out by the school
  • All other methods of production using safer machinery have been explored
  • Students have undergone a thorough training program that includes demonstration, written testing and competency testing (records of these should be kept for 7 years)
  • The teacher is confident that students are mature enough to safely use the machinery
  • The teacher can supervise the student while using the machinery


Who do I contact if I have a specific OH&S concern?

  • Your first reference should be the DET website link above
  • You need to discuss OH&S issues with other members of your Technology staff, your school administration and your OH&S representative
  • You could also contact your union if you think an OH&S issue is not being addressed in your school
  • If your issue is important, you can contact Glenn Eckardt, Senior OH&S Policy Advisor at the DET: eckardt.glenn.g@edumail.vic.gov.au
  • For general advice, you can contact DATTA Vic or post a question on the Design and Technology group on edulists: www.edulists.com.au