Frequently asked questions

We've gathered frequently asked questions sent to DATTA Vic about teaching Design and Technologies - and provided direct links to some answers:

The Technologies Curriculum

  • Where do I find information on the Australian Technologies Curriculum?
  • Where do I find information on the Victorian Technologies Curriculum?

How do I become a Technologies teacher?

  • I have an undergrade degree in a relevant area, and would love to teach
  • I have a trade qualification, and would love to teach
  • I already have a teaching qualification in another area, but want to move across to teaching in a technology area
  • I have a staff member without a Technology background who has been asked to teach a Technology class

What is the 'Safe Use of Machinery' accreditation?

  • Do I need this accreditation?
  • Where can I get it? Where is it being offered?


  • Where can I find the Education Department's OH&S requirements for the Technology area
  • Can senior students use restricted machinery?

DATTA Vic website log-in details

  • I've forgotten my website log-in user name and password
  • I am covered by a school DATTA Vic membership and don't have a log-in
  • What resources are available in the 'members only' section of the website?


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