• DLTV have compiled a fantastic Online Resource Hub to help teachers from different learning areas to access digital content and share their own lesson plans and useful links with other educators
  • This One Note resource gives you a step by step guide on how to make screen resordings using PowerPoint
  • Adobe are running a range of free webinars for teachers on how to use Adobe Creative Cloud in the classroom - useful for developing online resource
  • Makers Empire have created a free Learning from Home course for teachers
  • TEDEd@Home - A great resource that lets you search for TED Talks by year level/subject
  • UNESCO have collated a list of educational applications, platforms and resources that help facilitate student learning and provide social care and interaction during school closures

A note from Michael Gowers on creating student folios in Google Classroom

I created a Google slides template and got the students to store their work on their Google drive and then hyperlink across the file to the appropriate slide in their presentation.  Using Google Classroom allowed me to create an individually named presentation for each student.

Click HERE for a Dummies Guide to Using Google Classroom


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