Getting Started with VEX Robotics Webinar Series (PL2114)


VEX Robotics offer teachers a great way to engage their students in STEM. As well as building skills in design, engineering and science, the program also encourages creativity, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving among groups. 

Join us for this series of three after-school webinars for a step by step guide to getting started with VEX at your school.

Webinar 1, May 20th- Structuring a Robotics Class & Creating Learning Tasks  

At this session an experienced teaches and Vex judge will discuss how they set up their programs and adhere to the Victorian curriculum across multiple year levels. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the VEX Robotics Competitions
  • Judging and judged awards 
  • What is an Engineering notebook and how is it structured
  • Linking the Engineering notebook to the Victorian Curriculum 
  • Creating assessment tasks that target individual students point of need 
  • Running VEX programs across multiple year levels

Webinar 2, May 27th- VEX Code Blocks IQ & V5

VEX has produced 3 new programming applications based off of MIT’s Scratch. These applications are easy to get started with and a great means of teaching programming fundamentals to robotics students. At this session an experienced robotics teacher will be presenting on getting started with VEX Code Blocks. Topics include:

  • Getting started with VEX VR and early teaching strategies 
  • Introduction to VEX Code Blocks 
  • Setting up a robot for driver control 
  • Dead reckoning autonomous programming 
  • Use of sensors to gather data and make decisions 

Webinar 3, June 3rd - VEX Mechanics 

VEX robotics is a great way to introduce students to engineering principles in primary and secondary school. At this PL you will learn about the different possibilities within the VEX system and how they are integrated into classrooms. Topics include:

  • The 2 construction systems VEX IQ and V5
  • Gears, chains and their fundamentals 
  • Drive, lifting and intake systems
  • VEX and the VCE Systems Unit 1 curriculum 

Participants will receive a recording of each session, as well as related resources.

Workshop Details:


4pm - 5.30pm

20th May, 27th May & 3rd June


Delivered via Webex - Link provided on booking


Travis Burroughs


Members: $60

Non-members: $120

Students/CRT: $40

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