I am a teacher from another learning area

There is a critical shortage of qualified Design & technologies teachers in Victoria. Click HERE to read how DATTA Vic is supporting our members with professional learning programs and advocacy campaigns.

How do I become a Technologies Teacher?

I am an Teacher from another Learning Area

Teachers who have a qualification in another learning area who would like to teach a Technologies subject will be required to upskill. For VIT recognition of this as a tagged learning area, you may need to have completed 1 year of study in a relevant material or subject area. Principals should recognise industrial/trade training and experience when considering whether a teacher is suitable for teaching in these areas. You may opt to undertake a relevant and acreddited qualification at a TAFE - contact your local RTO for details.

*Breaking News*

ACU have just released details of a new Graduate Diploma in Design & Technologies Education for existing teachers who wish to become a D&T teacher. It is mainly delivered online, although participants will be required to carry our prac work in person. For more details, download this FLYER or contact feapg@acu.edu.au.


Teaching Masterclasses from DATTA Vic

Our next OnlineTeaching Design Masterclass will run in Term 3 2021. It's only available to DATTA Vic members and costs only $500 per participant. Numbers strictly limited. Details TBC - contact Laura at pl@datta.vic.edu.au for information.

Schools in Victoria are currently facing a severe shortage in recruiting trained Design & Technologies teachers. Over the past few years, many D&T teachers have retired, and with limited opportunities for people to undertake initial teacher education in D&T, we have a situation with a growing number of job openings and no one to fill them. DATTA Vic is working with our partners to develop long term solutions to this crisis.

However, we understand that schools need support now, as more and more teachers from other learning areas (art, science, etc) are being called on to deliver the D&T curriculum.  We also know that the problem is even greater for schools in regional areas. 

Therefore, DATTA Vic run a range of Upskilling Masterclasses each year for new and existing teachers who may not have had initial Technologies Teacher training but are currently teaching the D&T curriculum in secondary schools. These include a Teaching Design Masterclass, an Online Teaching Design Masterclass for regional teachers and a Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass.

These are not programs which train teachers in the use of machinery and tools. They are intended as a means of support for educators faced with delivering an unfamiliar curriculum and offers an approach to developing programs teaching the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills without the use of the usual power tools and machines found in the Design & Technologies workshop. DATTA Vic’s main priority is to advocate for a governmental response to the need to grow the number opportunities for initial teacher education in Design & Technologies.  

Check our Professional Learning Program for details of future Masterclasses or contact Laura at pl@datta.vic.edu.au for further information.

You will require Safe Use of Machinery accreditation - see below.

Targeted Initiatives to Attract more Teachers in Victoria

The Victorian Government is funding targeted initiatives to attract more teachers. The $41.7 million funding boost aims to attract excellent teachers to fill hard-to-staff positions in government schools across the state.  Click HERE to read how your school could benefit.

Safe Use of Machinery Accreditation

All teachers of Technologies- to teach in the Wood/Metal areas in government schools, you are required to have ‘Safe Use of Machinery’ accreditation (22231VIC). It is also highly recommended that teachers in Catholic and Independent schools complete this course.

The Safe Use of Machinery course (22454VIC) is a four-day course that accredits teachers in the following areas:

  • General OH&S requirements related to the Technologies learning area
  • Accreditation in the safe use of Woodworking static machinery
  • Accreditation in the safe use of Metalworking static machinery

This purpose of this course isn’t to provide initial training in the use of these machines, but to check that teachers are experienced and can use machinery safely within a classroom setting.

The following providers are currently approved to run these courses:

Contact them directly to find out when they are running their next sessions.

For more details on OH&S requirements for the teaching of Design & Technologies, click HERE.

*Please note - principals can authorise teachers without a recognised tagging or experience to teach in the area, but the principal has the responsibility for any issues that might arise. Teachers in these situations require a lot of support from other Technologies faculty members. DATTA Vic doesn’t recommend untrained teachers teach in Technology specialist areas. We would be seriously concerned about their safety and the safety of their students.

Why Teach in Victoria? 

 Click HERE to find out more about Design & Technologies education in Victoria.

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