The critical shortage of qualified Design & Technologies teachers is the biggest issue faced by our learning area. DATTA Vic is advocating on our members' behalf to government and the tertiary sector, but we know more short-term solutions are required.

Thanks to the findings of our 2019 Teacher Shortage Survey, we know that almost 90% of schools have been forced to use teachers from other learning areas to deliver the Design & Technologies curriculum. DATTA Vic has several intiatives to help these educators, including our Teaching Design Masterclass and Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass.

We are currently compiling a register of experienced teachers who would be happy to act as a mentor to educators either new to teaching or new to the D&T learning area.

If you are new to Design & Technologies teaching, you can access the register and view the list of mentors by subject area at this link:

And if you are an experienced teacher can help new colleagues, please add your details, along with the subject areas you cover, to the register here:

If you need help delivering the Design & Technologies curriculum or VCE PD&T and Systems Engineering, please contact Laura at to see how DATTA Vic can support you.