Online Teaching Design Masterclass (PL2116)



Schools in Victoria are currently facing a severe shortage in recruiting trained Design & Technologies teachers. Over the past few years, many D&T teachers have retired, and with limited opportunities for people to undertake initial teacher education in D&T, we have a situation with a growing number of job openings and no one to fill them. DATTA Vic is working with our partners to develop long term solutions to this crisis.

However, we understand that schools need support now, as more and more teachers from other learning areas (art, science, etc) are being called on to deliver the D&T curriculum.  We also know that the problem is even greater for schools in regional areas. 

Therefore, following a succesful pilot program in March 2021 supported by Creative Futures Ltd, DATTA Vic have developed this online program to support our member schools. It is targeted at new and existing teachers who may not have had initial Technologies Teacher training but are currently teaching the D&T curriculum in secondary schools.

The Masterclass will be delivered by Peter Murphy, former president of DATTA Australia and DATTA Vic who has been delivering annual Teaching Design Masterclasses since 2019. Peter is a sought after speaker and leader in Design and Technologies education. He has been a lecturer at La Trobe University on the Bachelor of Technology Education and a regular contributor to state and national curriculum development.

Please note that there are limited spaces available for this program, and it is only open to members of DATTA Vic.

The masterclass will be delivered via five webinars. These will run from 4pm - 6pm on selected dates in May and June. May 25th, June 1st, June 8th, June 15th and June 22nd. There will also be approx. 2 hours of project work each week on a personal design project, to be carried out at a time suitable for each participant.

Participants will be introduced to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Teaching the design process
  • CAD
  • Emerging technologies
  • Modelling & prototyping techniques
  • Classroom Management & OH&S
  • Developing curriculum for years 7-10
  • New approaches to VCE PD&T
  • Precious Plastics
  • Teaching STEM in D&T
  • Tackling real-world problems

*NOTE - This is not a program to train teachers in the use of machinery and tools. It is intended as a means of support for educators faced with delivering an unfamiliar curriculum and offers an approach to developing programs teaching the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills without the use of the usual power tools and machines found in the Design & Technologies workshop. DATTA Vic’s main priority is to advocate for a governmental response to the need to grow the number opportunities for initial teacher education in Design & Technologies.

When: 4pm - 6pm

May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22

Where: Via Webex

Cost: $500 per participant


This online program is based on the DATTA Vic Teaching Design Masterclass, which we ran in 2019 and 2020, and our Online Teacher Design Masterclass Pilot, which ran in March 2021. Read on for participant feedback:

"Brilliant! I had no idea what to expect and it surpassed all my expectations. Peter is an amazing presenter whose knowledge and obvious passion for Design is contagious."

"As a completely new teacher to this Domain area I am very grateful to have been welcomed to undertake this course. I have found it fantastic. lots information that was shared and Peter was so knowledgable. there was so much information shared, that I always found myself debriefing with my colleagues and domain leader in which I discussed our program in comparison with what I learned and discovered."

"The entire masterclass experience... was invaluable Peter showed me how important the concept of a local/global end-user is and to stop looking at design as everyone does the same project. I learnt so much from this about asking questions, especially to improve the world we live in. I feel much more confident now and really excited about where Design Technology can go in the future at our school "

"I'd tell other teachers, DO IT!!! I have told everyone that will listen how wonderful these classes have been. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about design."

"I've taught for 2.5 years as a STEAM & D&T Teacher. Now I feel I know what I am actually supposed to be doing."

"I can go back to school now and find more of a place for D&T, particularly  with our school's obsession with Inquiry, especially seeing how well D&T links into it."

"I am excited! I have already informed my leadership of my plans for boosing our Tech staff and changing what we do!"

" I feel I have a wealth of knowledge and ideas now."

"I liked the discussions about the Sustainable Development Goals - great to discover how to integrate them into my curriculum."


Thanks to The Department of Education & Training for their support for DATTA Vic's Teaching Applied STEM in Design & Technologies program