Need some D&T-themed posters for the walls of your workshop?  We've found some exampleas here - some are for sale and some are free to download.

In July 2021, DATTA Vic published a digital poster pack for teachers of Design & Technologies, VCE PD&T and VCE Systems Engineering:

  • The Girls in STEM Toolkit (GiST) has a range of printable posters featuring female role models in STEM careers
  • The United Nations have set 17 sustainable development goals to transform our world by 2030. The World's Largest Lesson website introduces these goals to children and young people, and includes printable posters for the classroom - many of them suitable for Design & TechnologiesFeder
  • The Federal Govt have produced a range of posters on Design & Technologies-themed careers, including ElectroTechnology, Metalwork and Engineering and Textiles
  • The James Dyson Foundation have downloadable posters on the Design Process and Design Engineering


  • PBS Media (U.S.) has a poster on the Design Process
  • The Forestry Corporation has a range of printable posters on different types of wood
  • Design Victoria produced a What is Eco Design? poster. There is also a version for Textile and Fabric Design
  • Don't forget your Design & Technology Week poster!  You can download it HERE when you register!
  • Maplesoft have free maths & engineering posters to download and print
  • NASA have a wealth of posters available to download on their website, and many feature design and engineering topics, such as aerospace design and innovation through engineering. Click HERE to browse them all
  • The ATSE STELR Project has a free Women in STEM poster available to download, plus other fantastic resources to engage girls in STEM

Thanks to the Department of Education and Training for providing support through their Strategic Partnership Projects Fund