Primary D&T

  • Zoos Victoria have created a STEM Design Challenge, which focusses on Animals at Home. Students can chose from 4 design briefs, and there is a webinar and support materials for them to complete at home
  • Museums Victoria have published a range of student resources which explore STEM and Innovation
  • Foster + Partners have launched a fantastic Architecture from Home challenge, which includes templates for young students to create thir own city from paper using printable templates 
  • The Deakin STEM Awards may have been postponed for now, but there are still are great range of challenges your students could take part in from home
  • Sydney's Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences have a great range of projects in their Learning from Home website
  • The UK's Smallpiece Trust is releasing a new Engineering@Home Challenge every Wednesday - a great site for getting students to do hands-on activities from home
  • Makers Empire have created a range of free 3D Design Challenges for Students that focus on helping people affected by COVID-19. They include a Parents' GuideTeachers' Resources and 10 Challenge Activities
  • Cisco's Global Problem Solvers is an online series, based on a team of teenage superheros, which promotes social entrepreurship in years 4-8
  • The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids is a US resource bank featuring over 200 websites for students
  • CERES Education have released a virtual Plant a Seed / Life Cycle activity that it benchmarked to the D&T curriculum
  • Monash University has published a fantastic site on STEM Education, which includes a series of talks with STEM experts and a professional learning toolkit
  • This fantastic process map was created by the Schoolhouse Centre for Educational Innovation has created a great Design Process Map which is based on IDEO's Design Thinking model. Click HERE for the Facilitator's Guide.
  • The UK's Design & Technology Association had produced a Design Thinking Random Scenario Generator - great for setting up some short design talks for students.
  • Museum Victoria has partnered with Kinderling Kids Radio to launch a Fact Detectives podcast series. Want yout students to take a look at the science and technology behind dealing with a city's waste? Have them listed to the Toilets episode!
  • Invent to Learn has an online Project Library filled with Maker activities
  • FUSE has a fantastic range of design-based activities to run with your classes - browse them all HERE
  • Practical Action has a searchable resource bank on D&T and STEM classroom projects related to global issues
  • Explore Design & Technologies Lesson Ideas on the Digital Learning Hub
  • Your students could research the world of Robotics and then design their own robot companion
  • Scienceworks has curated a range of its best online activitiesfor students to acess while its doors are closed
  • The Smithsonian Learning Lab has an enormous collection of STEM-related resources for educators teaching online
  • Kids Think Design explores a range of design careers, including product, environmental, film and fashion. Your students can explore the different jobs and then take part in their own design challenge. This is a great site!
  • How to Get your Students Started with Scratch - a Teacher's Guide to Coding,
  • Solar Budy have released a Family Pack which enables families to take part in this fantastic program which creates lights for developing countries. Could be a great D&T/STEM program to run which your students are home. (Note there is a charge)
  • Join the STEM Punks Teachers Facebook group to download their Unplugged STEM Activities pack for Prep - Year 6 
  • Learn with What You Have is a Facebook Page which offers "Buy nothing isolation homeschooling" resources - has some interesting upcycling challenges
  • ABC will extend its educational programming on ABC ME to support children and caregivers at home, from 10am to 3pm each weekday.They will offer additional online support through the ABC Education portal,with access to more than 4000 free resources mapped to the Australian curriculum – across subjects such as maths, science, technologies and STEM
  • Sign up to Scorpio Technology for their great newsletters filled with STEM projects and a wide range of electronic kits for sale
A note on the Model Solar Vehicle Challenge from Clint Steele

If any parent wants to ensure that they children get the best experience possible while studying at home and involve them in a design and build STEM project, then all they need to do is:
1. Go to the Model Solar Vehicle Challenge website 
2. Choose the vehicle type they want to build – boats and kit cars are the easier option, but designed cars might suit
3. Download the regulations for that vehicle
4. Go to Scorpio Technology to order the parts they need
5. Join the Facebook group so that the can ask questions and get advice. This will need some questions answered to join, but that’s just to ensure everyone is there with the same motivation
6. Hopefully come to the annual event in your state later in the year!


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