Robotics Resources

DATTA Vic is developing a range of Robotics resources for teachers.  If you have a project or program you can share with your colleagues, send it to Laura at

Introduction to  VEX Robotics Teacher Professional Learning

At thiese school incursions or full-day workshops we will be exploring the building and programming of VEX robots. This workshop is suitable for year 5-12 teachers looking to start a new robotics program. At the end of this workshop participants will have the skills and a new level of confidence in the robotics classroom. 


Contact Laura at if you are interested in professional learning on robotics

VEX Robotics Australia


DATTA Vic is proud to be partner with VEX Robotics Australia.

The 2017 VEX Australia tournament schedule can be found HERE. You can register your teams HERE.

Click HERE for the VEX Robotics Australia blog.  If your school is interested in the VEX program, contact Laura at

Travis Burroughs' Guide to Robotics


DATTA Vic's own Travis Burroughs has written a handy guide on his favourite robotics platforms for the classroom.  Click HERE to download it.

Picaxe Resources


PICAXE is an easy to use microcontroller and is programmed by the free software that can be downloaded. Programming is done by drawing up a flow chart, which then converts it to the programming language. Programming is done from the serial port of your computer directly to PICAXE. Resources for getting started using PICAXE. Datasheets, Printed Circuit Board downloads. Free programming software. Projects and huge instructional information on programming, interfacing and design. Click HERE for this great website

Also, teachers can join Pat McMahon for a full day's workshop on Picaxe and STEM on the 19th August at Diamond Valley College. Click HERE for more information and to register

Design & Technologies Resources - Robotics

Travis Burroughs has a fantastic blog called The Project Inventory, where he shares a wide range of Design & Technologies projects for schools - robotics included!

ABC Splash - Robotics

The ABC Splash - Robotics website has a fantastic range of resources for teaching robotics for all year levels

How to Teach...Robotics

The Guardian has produced a handy guide for educators on how to robotics.  Click HERE for more information.


Robogals aim to increase female participation in STEM through their fun, educational LEGO Robotics workshops for schools.  Click HERE for the Melbourne chapter's website.

First Robotics

First Robotics brings together students and mentors to build robots that perform in a competative yet gracious environment against teams from all over the world.  Click HERE to find out more.

First Robotics/Robots in the Outback

Click HERE to read Milorad Cerovac's account of his experience with First Robotics & Google's Robots in the Outback program.

Robocup Junior

Robocup Junior is an educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international A.I. Education events for students.  Click HERE for the Victorian chapter.

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