So You Think You Can Design

So You Think You Can Design 2018


Pictured: Swinburne University Researchers Create 3D Printed Foot Prosthetic for Under $10 from

SYTYCD is a national competition, open to all Design & Technologies students in Australia.

In 2019, schools throughout the country took the challenge during Design & Technologies Week 2018, from the 15th - 21st October.

There were some fantastic prizes on offer for the winning student and their school!

Click HERE to see the winners and to download all ten shortlisted entries - congratulations to everyone who participated.

The Brief

Design a product that attenpts to solve a

personal, local or global problem


1 x digital poster (A2 size)

1 x CAD model suitable for 3D Printing (optional)


For further details, visit the Design & Technologies Week website, or contact Laura at

Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support for this program:

Background Information

SYTYCD is a growing student design event that demonstrates the strength of design teaching in Australian secondary schools.

There are 2 competitions each year - one for w/m/p students, which is now a national event, and one for textiles students. 

Click HERE to see where it all began and get some great resources to use in your own classroom.

The competition is a great way to engage your students in the design process, and promote Design & Technologies to your wider school community.

Contact Laura at for further information.

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