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Design & Technologies is the ideal curriculum area to deliver STEAM programs. Our students use their knowledge of applied sciences and maths, design-based learning and systems thinking to develop creative solutions to real world problems.

DATTA Vic received support from the Department of Education & Training's Strategic Partnerships Program for our Teaching Applied STEM through Design & Technologies program. From 2018-2020, we will be delivering a range of teacher professional learning workshops and classroom resources.

If you have any STEM lesson plans, project ideas, websites or articles that could help your colleagues, send them to Laura at and we'll add them to the list!



STEM by Design is a range of STEM resources addressing the United National Sustainability Goals and based on the Design Process/Design-Based Learning. They feature Teacher PresentationsStudent Activities and Understanding by Design (UBD) frameworks for the following topics:

  • Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies (Become a UN Champion) [Year 7/8]
  • Design & Technologies (Future Cities/Climate Change) [Year 7/8]
  • Digital Technologies (Creating a Home Network) [Year 9/10]
  • Health and Physical Education (Biomechanics) [Year 9/10]
  • Mathematics (Modelling) [Year 9/10]
  • Science (Flight) [Year 7/8]
  • Visual Arts (The Art of Health) [Year 9/10]


​Log-in to our website and you can download these resources HERE


In November 2020, DATTA Vic, HEV, Primary Connections and Deakin University partnered on this virtual STEM education program for primary teachers. Design & Technologies (D&T) is the perfect vehicle for delivering successful STEM programs in primary schools. D&T fosters creativity, curiosity and a passion for problem solving. It encourages students to use their skills and knowledge to address issues – for themselves and their communities. D&T has an applied, project-based way of teaching that empowers young people to have a positive impact on the world around them.

This package of resources features the webinar recordings and presenter slides from each of the 3 sessions. The aim of the project was to build capacity in primary teachers to deliver engaging STEM programs that are relevant for their students and their school community. Click HERE to access the resources.

STEM Learning Sequences from the VCAA

The VCAA has published two STEM learning sequences on their website - one on Robotics Basics for F-2 and one on creating Nesting Boxes for 3-4.

STEM Video Resources from the VCAA

The VCAA has published a range of STEM video resources, which include advice on planning, implementation, assesment, engineering principles & systems and high tech v low tech.

Girls in STEaM

DATTA Vic is collating resources and useful links for Girls in STEaM & Design & Technologies. Click HERE.

Conference Presentations

 Members can log in HERE to download a range of presentations for our previous conferences. 

STEM Letter to Principals

DATTA Vic have written a letter to your principals which addresses several critical areas for Design and Technology subjects and teachers by helping Principals and schools achieve their own goals - particularly in STEM. This letter;

  •  advocates for Design and Technology related subjects to become key STEM delivery areas in schools
  • promotes Project-Based Learning using the design process model 
  • highlights the importance of Design and Technology subjects and creative problem solving skills for future careers and economies
  • recommends technician appointment in all schools that deliver Design and Technology-related subjects
  • illustrates the benefits of becoming and remaining a member of DATTA Vic

All you need to do is print it and deliver it to your principal!  Click HERE to download it.


Check out our Robotics Page for a wide range of STEM teaching resources for primary and secondary students.

Lesson Plans & Project Ideas

STEM by Design: Accessible Cities

This project for Years 5 & 6 uses the design process to solve the problem of equal access to life and work in the city for people with a disability. Click on the following links to download the resources:

Sounds Like  - a Primary STEM Resource

DATTA Vic and Discovery Science & Technology Centre Bendigo collaborated on Sounds Like - a Primary STEM Project which is based on sound and music.

Click HERE to download the lesson plan, complete with extension activities.

Thanks to the DET for support for this program through their Strategic Partnerships Program funding.

Thanks to Kangaroo Flat Primary School (pictured) and Ben Fiegert  for their invaluable help trialling Sounds Like.


Electric Car STEM Unit of Work

Thanks to Stuart Hensely from Ave Maria College for sharing this fantastic STEM unit of work on designing and building electric cars.

STEM Brainstorming

In April 2016, DATTA Vic ran a STEM Brainstorming Day.  Primary and Secondary Teachers came from throughout Victoria.  As well as sharing their own experiences, they collaborated on new cross-curricular project ideas, which were benchmarked to the new Science, Maths and Design & Technologies curricula.  Here they are:


Members can log in and access our annual journal Technotes HERETechnotes is packed with articles, interviews, project outlines and lesson plans, and is an invaluable resources for Design & Technologies teachers.

Useful Links


The D.E.T's VicSTEM website brings together a range of STEM resources, activities and programs, helping teachers, students and their families access the information and services they need.

ACARA's STEM Connections

ACARA’s STEM Connections project aimed at investigating a cross-disciplinary approach to the teaching of STEM disciplines. In collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics teachers, ACARA supported 13 schools from around the country to develop an integrated STEM project that had its basis in the real world and incorporated the Australian Curriculum learning areas of Mathematics, Science and Technologies.

Check out their website for some examples of the fantastic projects that they ran.

The Regional STEM Centre, Wodonga

The Regional STEM Centre in Wodonga aims to provide young people in North Eastern Victoria with the knowledge, skills, experience and opportunities to embrace STEM.  They run a wide range of student and teacher programs.The James Dyson Foundation have published some great interviews with some of their female engineers HERE

Member Resources

DATTA Vic have a wide range of STEM resources available for teachers:

Useful Links

Pimrary School STEM Resources in Melbourne will work with schools wishing to develop STEM programs. They can run teacher upskilling sessions and develop education resources in partnership with educators

iSTEM - ME Program - some great STEM resources from BORSTES, the Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW

STEM Magazine - a monthly, not-for-profit magazine for teachers, students and their families.

STEMWORKS - a website with a range of fun, hands-on STEM activities

Engineering the Future - the Educator's Guide to Building & Construction

The James Dyson Foundation has a wonderful range of resources, projects and challenges for both Primary and Secondary schools on design engineering

ABC Splash - Robotics - a great collection of robotics videos for schools

Technology Education - STEM Resources - a site from the US with a range of STEM resources & teaching tools for all levels

Makers' Space - a space where makers in schools can share.  Great information on starting a STEAM program in your school, and a useful guide to setting up a makerpace

Sew Electric - a great Wearable Technologies website with simple project guides

Thanks to The Department of Education & Training's Strategic Partnerships Program for their support for DATTA Vic's Teaching Applied STEM in Design & Technologies initiative