Sustainability Resources

Lots of resources have been developed by Eco Innovators, in partnership with DATTA Vic, for teachers. We have gathered these, and other great Sustainability resources for you to use in the classroom.


It's the Little Things

This is your Life Cycle 

Life Pscycle-ology

The World's Largest Lesson - Global Goals

The United Nations have set 17 sustainable development goals to transform our world by 2030. The World's Largest Lesson website introduces these goals to children and young people, and includes a wealth of lesson plans, project ideas and printable posters for the classroom - many of them suitable for Design & Technologies.  A Fantastic resource!

What is Eco Design

A3 sized posters that outline sustainability issues and questions - great for use with Years 9-12 students in their product design process (can be printed A4 size)

What is EcoDesign? - posters

Textiles and Fashion EcoDesign Quickguide download

Product Design EcoDesign Quickguide download

Intro to Sustainability
Use this simple PowerPoint presentation to introduce the main sustainability concepts to students, and prompt them to think of practical action they can take while designing and making

Resources available for sale through DATTA Vic - purchase form here

Designers on Sustainability interviews - DVD

4 designers interviewed, explaining their decision making on sustainability issues - great for VCE PD&T, but also good for Years 9-10

Design Play Cards

A pack of cards that describe design problems, strategies abd inspirations - can be used in a range of game activites for Years 7-12

The Good Design Guide

Visually exciting non-linear book for students to explore Sustainable Design issues and strategies - Years 7-12

Resources developed by Eco Innovators,
with DATTA Vic

Free access a broad range of educator's resources:

  • Secondary student fact sheets - about a range of Sustainability issues and strategies, with discussions, case studies and web links
  • Sustainability presentation - PowerPoint slides that outline Sustainability issues. Includes background teacher information
  • Design Case Studies - a presentation that includes images and information about sustaianbility case studies, with direct links for further investigation
  • Design Play Cards download - make your own Design Play Cards (fee applies)

ResourceSmart Schools

This initiative from Sustainability Victoria has a range of resources for schools, encouraging our students to 'reduce, re-use and recycle'

ABC Splash

Click HERE for a wide range of sustainability resources for schools from the ABC

Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability

Click HERE for a radio broadcast from the ABC on Indigenous perspectives on sustainability, particularly related to land management

Yarra Healing - Sacred Land

This Inquiry Unit for Years 5 & 6 looks at the sustainable practices of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander nations.

Cool Australia

This website (registration required but free to sign up) has a great range of resources on Sustainability and Technologies, including:


Practical Action

A wide range of excellent teaching and learning resources can also be found at Practical Action (a UK sustainability organisation). Includes:

  • Sustainability starter activities
  • 6Rs and Sustainability terms
  • Design briefs and activities for Design and Technology areas
  • Evaluation tools - for students to evaluate the sustainability level of products (existing and their product designs)
  • Excellent Design and Technology sustainability publications that can be purchased on-line
  • Sustainable companies - links to UK companies that use sustainable practices in design and production


Design for Change

Design for Change is the largest global movement of children driving change in their communnities using design.  Click HERE for some great inspirational stories and fresh ideas for classroom projects!

Thanks to the Department of Education and Training for providing support through their Strategic Partnership Projects Fund