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VCE Systems Engineering


  • Click HERE for the current VCE Systems Engineering Study Design
  • Click HERE to access the VCAA's Administrative Information for School-Based Assessment for VCE Systems Engineering
  • Click HERE for past exams and exam reports

Student Folios

You can access a range of pages from student records of evidence from the Top Designs 2021 exhibition HERE.

Resources on Wolfram SystemModeler Software for VCE Sustems Engineering Teachers

In 2019, DATTA Vic worked with the VCAA on a range of Professional Learning events and teacher resources on the Wolfram SystemModeler software. This software is free for all schools in Victoria, and is a complete physical modelling and simulation tool which uses ‘drag and drop’ functionality to create sophisticated systems. Information for how teachers in government, Catholic and independent schools can access the Systems Modeler licence can be found HERE

Systems Engineering Teachers can access these resources HERE.

The VCAA has also published 10 instructional videos for teachers on how to use the SystemModeler software with your VCE classes. Click HERE to download them all.

For further information, contact Laura at


Click HERE for the VEX Robotics Australia blog.  If you are interested in professional learning on the VEX program, contact Laura at

Check out our Robotics Page for a wide range of STEM teaching resources

Conference Presentations

Members can log-in and click HERE to download a range of presentations for our previous conferences

Further Study

For the past 4 years, DATTA Vic have been advocating for VCE Systems Engineering to be awarded bonus points for applications to Victorian Engineering courses.  We're delighted to say many Unis have come on board!  Click on the links below to to discover more about study paths for our future engineers!  You should consult the current VTEC guide for information on all courses which award bonus points for VCE Systems Engineering.


Members can log in and access our annual journal Technotes HERETechnotes is packed with articles, interviews, project outlines and lesson plans, and is an invaluable resources for Design & Technologies teachers.

Teacher Resources

If you have any resources you can share with your fellow teachers, send them to Laura at


Electric Car STEM Unit of Work

Thanks to Stuart Hensely from Ave Maria College for sharing this fantastic STEM unit of work on designing and building electric cars.

Fusion 360 Tutorials  

Aaron Powter from Harvester Technical College has shared an amazing range of Fusion 360 tutorials for teachers - thanks so much Aaron!  Click on the links below to watch.


Autodesk Fusion 360 Tutorials for F1 in Schools  

Click HERE for a great range of Fusion 360 online tutorials based on the F1 in Schools program.


Unit 1 Planner for VCE Systems Engineering 

  • Click HERE for a VCE Systems Engineering Unit 1 Planner by Tony Herceg and DATTA Vic's Veena Nair


E-Textiles & Wearable Technologies

  • Instructables has a fantastic range of ideas and how-to guides for e-textiles

  • Clever Clothes - a great resource from the Design Museum on how wearable technology is changing our world

  • Sparkfun has an online tutorial for insulation techniques for e-textiles

Girls in STEM

THE ATSE STELR Project has produced some fantastic resources to encourage girls to pursue further education in the STEM fields.  These include:


  • A series of video profiles featuring female role models and entrepreneurs from STEM fields, which include engineers and roboticists 
  • A Women in STEM poster
  • A Careers in STEM worksheet that will encourage students to research STEM careers
  • An Entrepreneurship Workbook featuring women who have started their own businesses

For more useful resources check out our Girls in STEaM webpage.

Links & Project Ideas

    DIY speaker building information – A resource page for designing, building and testing loudspeakers. Downloads of free design software. Projects and tips. Discussion forum. Links to other sites. A terrific introduction to designing and building your own loudspeakers.

    The Subwoofer DIY page – Information on different types of subwoofer designs to enable you to design, construct and test your own subwoofer. Downloads of free design software. Links to other sites.

  • - A resource for DIY loudspeaker design and construction. Free design software downloads. Projects and tips. Links to other sites.

    PICAXE is an easy to use microcontroller and is programmed by the free software that can be downloaded. Programming is done by drawing up a flow chart, which then converts it to the programming language. Programming is done from the serial port of your computer directly to PICAXE. Resources for getting started using PICAXE. Datasheets, Printed Circuit Board downloads. Free programming software. Projects and huge instructional information on programming, interfacing and design.

    Microzed is the Australian agent for PICAXE. Most of the information for PICAXE is also available here.

    Transmission Line Speakers page-. A resource for the design and construction of transmission line speakers. Projects, free software design downloads and design information. These speakers are only for people with good wood working skills.

    A site with a large range of resources for both Systems Engineering and Design Technology students

    A student oriented site for Systems Engineering students. Lots of information on Electronics, Mechanisms and Pneumatics.

    This is an extensive site that covers all areas of the Systems Engineering study. Information is available on the following areas:-  Electronics, forces and motion, health and safety, pic controllers, the design process, gears and pulleys, power tools, CNC work, graphics, computer control, PCB work, equipment and processes and product design.

    Design and Technology Electronics Projects, is a site addressing the GCSE Electronics course in England.

    This is the Victorian Systems Engineering Teachers’ Group. It has worksheets, assignments, tests and more from Systems Teachers throughout the state. You have to join EDNA first to access the site and the information available.

    This is an interactive site that focuses on simple machines. Terrific for students in upper primary through to Years 7 and 8. My students absolutely love the work on this site. It takes about 90 minutes to complete the work. Students receive certificates on their learning. There is also other interactive work on Weather, Knee Surgery and Brain Stimulation.

Science and Technology

Health and Safety