Teaching Design Masterclass (PL2042)



Schools in Victoria are currently facing a severe shortage in recruiting trained Design & Technologies teachers. Over the past few years, many D&T teachers have retired, and with limited opportunities for people to undertake initial teacher education in D&T, we have a situation with a growing number of job openings and no one to fill them. DATTA Vic is working with our partners to develop long term solutions to this crisis.

However, we understand that schools need support now, as more and more teachers from other learning areas (art, science, etc) are being called on to deliver the D&T curriculum. Therefore, we are repeating our Teaching Design Masterclass for our members, which we delivered initially in July 2019. The program is targeted at new and existing teachers who may not have had initial technology teacher training but are currently teaching the D&T curriculum in secondary schools. 

Just some of the feedback we received from our 2019 participants was:

 "I’ve taught for 2.5 years as a STEAM (Design Tech) teacher. Now I feel I know what I am actually supposed to be doing."

"The most useful parts of the Mastercalss were having time to use CAD, watching others and learning. Gathering ideas and applying the design process."

"The hands-on sessions were great for expanding my skills knowledge, and the curriculum sessions were great for inspiration."

"I always felt STEM belonged in Design and Tech, so it was refreshing to see how other schools tackled this concept as this is what my job will be in the very near future."

"Good to get the confidence to stand up for our learning area and make it vital – particularly useful through STEM and cross faculty curriculum planning."

"I will be now leading the drive in collaborative discussion with an emphasis on technology in problem solving and not around learning competencies to build a product, and will also encourage inter-disciplinary cross curricular options."

This  program will run for one week during a term break, and will focus on how to teach "Design" in an informed, innovative and engaging way for all high school students, an essential skill for all Design and Technologies teachers.

This is not a program to train teachers in the use of machinery and tools. It is intended as a means of support for educators faced with delivering an unfamiliar curriculum and offers an approach to developing programs teaching the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills without the use of the usual power tools and machines found in the Design & Technologies workshop. DATTA Vic’s main priority is to advocate for a governmental response to the need to grow the number opportunities for initial teacher education in Design & Technologies.  

This masterclass is based on Northcote High Schools's programs. Participants will be introduced to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Teaching the design process
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Emerging Technologies – 3D Printing and laser cutting
  • The use of basic hand tools
  • Soft modelling and prototyping skills
  • Classroom Management and OH&S
  • Assessment
  • The learning environment and design studio planning
  • Developing new curriculum for Years 7&8 and Years 9&10
  • New approaches to VCE Product Design & Technologies
  • Teaching STEM in Design & Technologies
  • The Precious Plastics program




Northcote High School

19-25 St George's Road, Northcote, 3070


Peter Murphy et al


$1200 per participant.

Note this is only available for DATTA Vic members. Should you wish to find out more about joining, click HERE.

Lunch and all resources will be provided.


Thanks to The Department of Education & Training for their support for DATTA Vic's Teaching Applied STEM in Design & Technologies program

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