The Technologies Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum has been implemented. This is the Victorian version of the Australian Curriculum. Government and Catholic schools are required to implement the Victorian Curriculum. Independent schools may choose to use either the Australian or the Victorian version when developing their curriculum.

Resources - The Victorian Design & Technologies Curriculum 

Click on the links below to access a range of resources on the new curriculum:

Click here to go to the Victorian Curriculum or find it through the VCAA F-10 Curriculum links.  

For the Design and Technologies Scope and Sequence charts, click HERE


Click HERE forThe Victorian Curriculum: Introduction and Overview - Focus on Design and Technologies by Leanne Compton.


The following is an overview of the Victorian D&T Curriculum for Primary Teachers, including classroom project ideas, STEM programs and Australian Curriculum information, by Jill Livett.


For the full Australian Technologies Curriculum, click HERE.

Use the links on the side and under the Technologies title to navigate through the curriculum documentation.

  • The overview provides a context for understanding the Technologies Curriculum - there are important sections on the concepts and types of thinking involved in the Technologies Learning area
  • Introduction to Design Technologies links you to a very useful 6 min presentation about the Design and Technologies subject, key concepts (such as 'Preferred Futures') and the context areas
  • The Design and Technologies curriculum filter enables you to select aspects of the curriculum you need. This information is essential for planning school curriculum and courses in the Design and Technologies context areas of:
    • Engineering Principles and Systems
    • Food and Fibre Production
    • Food Specialisations
    • Materials and Technologies Specialisations
    • For each band (F-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10), you will find:
      • the content descriptions (required curriculum content)
      • elaborations (suggestions for teaching)
      • achievement standards
      • links to general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities


DATTA Vic Vice President Jill Livett has created an invaluable resource for all Victorian teachers, summarising these developments.

Click here to access this presentation.