• AskNature is a fantastic site for learning about biomimicry. It that lets you explore nature's solutions to various challenges
  • Maree Jones shared her fantastic Face Mask Design Challenge unit of work
  • Challenge your students to take part in the Met Gala challenge from home! And if they do it, PLEASE send us pictures!
  • Fashion Revolution Week 2020 may have passed, but their website site has a great range of activities, including practical actions, virtual visits to designers' studios, and student activities - a fantastic site to explore Technologies in Society
  • Join the wonderful VCE Product Design (Textiles) for Teachers Facebook group which was set up by Kerry Horbowsky - an amazing source of help and inspiration for all textiles educators
  • Oxfam's What She Makes Action Guide is a great resource on ethical fashion for textiles students. They also have teacher notes and student worksheets which are benchmarked to the Australian Civics and Citizenship and Geography curricula but could be adapted for D&T. There's a downloadable game and a letter writing Activity Guide

  • Another great textiles resource from Oxfam - check out this padlet on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fashion industry
  • Days for Girls is an International charity which aims to increase access to menstrual care and education for girls in developing countries. Normally they work with groups to make pads, but right now, they are turning their attention to the Covid 19 Crisis, and are calling for people to make face masks for hospitals and clinics instead. A great project for your students, and thanks to Phillippa Loton for sharing

TOP DESIGNS 2020 is now live! Your students can take a virtual tour through the exhibition, view products and folios and watch interviews with exhibitors. Congratulations to all the amazing students (and their amazing teachers!) whose work was selected.

  • ‚ÄčThe NGV may be shut, but your students can still take a virtual tour of the Collecting Comme exhibition
  • DATTA Vic has a Design & Technologies - Textiles page which has a wide range of resources and useful links
  • This is a great time to get your students involved in the Wool4School Competition
  • The V&A have released a free downloadable sewing pattern, along with simple instructions, for Mary Quant's 1962 Georgie dress - a great resource! 
  • Don't miss the rest of the V&A's online collections, which include fashion, costume, jewellery, hats, shoes, knitting and textiles

Maryann Augustinus has shared a great range of YouTube videos on new technologies in textiles manufacturing:

  • The Kyoto Costume Institute has wonderful digital collections which can be searched by the decade
  • You can catch the best moments from the UK TV show The Great British Sewing Bee on YouTube
  • In NPR Makes a T-Shirt, Planet Money explores fast fashion by following all the processes required to make a piece of clothing, from the raw materials to the store
  • Nike has an online tool to design your own sneaker - just don't press buy at the end!
  • The World of Wearable Art (WOW) website is a great place to go for inspiration - in particular, check out their competition challenges for 2021. These themes would make great activities for students working at home
  • Your students could take part in the Steigen Design a Sock competition
  • Make sure you explore the Lyndale Secondary College Sewing Chanel run by Sarah Bulkeley, which has a wonderful collection of techniques demonstrations and other resources

A Note from Ashley Hollis on Woolmark Education Resources

The Woolmark Company offers excellent online educational tools, accessible to students and teachers. Our extensive coursework looks at the global supply chain of wool, from farm to fashion. Jump in and start your journey with the Wool Appreciation Course. Clink this link to explore and test your knowledge of the wool fiber.

Woolmark also have online seminars led by leading textiles designers, including Farm to Fashion by Sheila Mary Carruthers  and Biotechnology and Textiles by Helene Steiner.


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