Textiles Technologies and Society

DATTA Vic have a range of resources for textiles teachers focussing on the ethics and stsuatnability of the fashion and textiles industries.


Check out our Sustainability page for a wide range of resources and links related to the D&T curriculum

Fashion Revolution Week takes place each April in memory of the Rana Plaza disaster, They have a range of school resources 


The Guide to Ethical Shopping in Melbourne has a list of designers/shops who use ethical practises and care about the rights of the people making their products

We Can Solve This highlights organisations that are fighting climate change. This is a great video about the cost of fast fashion and the designers who are tackling this issue
Frontline Fashion is a digital mini series hosted by Cara G McIlroy. It follows emerging designers from across the globe who are determined to change the future of fashion – one of the most polluting industries imaginable. And there are three seasons to watch!Daniel Silverstein is a New York based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer. This great video explores his professional practice and discusses how designers like his are fighting to make the fashion industry more ethical and sustainable.

Click HERE for a Lifecycle Analysis of textiles from the Centre for Sustainable Design Strategies

Google's We wear Culture - the Stories Behind What We Wear is a fantastic resource


The True Cost - a movie not to miss about the terrible human and environmental cost of the fashion industry

Click HERE for a TED Talk by Jane Chen on a fantastic textiles design project designed to save lives in the developing world


What Keeps You Warm in the Winter? is a unit outline looking at designing bedding for the homeless

AWI has some handy factsheets on wool's environmental credentials
Ena Pelly is a Victorian label making clothing from plastic bottle waste. 

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