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DATTA Vic has a range of textbooks and other resources for VCE PD&T teachers.  We offer discounts for members on all purchases. When 2 prices are quoted below, the lowest is the members' price.


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Disclaimer: These resources are the work of practising authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of DATTA Vic, nor do DATTA Vic endorse the accuracy or suitability of the information for any particular purpose. Note that this material maynot been verified by VCAA. Responsibility in response to the material must be accepted by users. For VCE, teachers must refer to the mandatory documents in relation to the VCE Product Design and Technology/Systems Engineering study designs from VCAA, which are available online and updated every year. For safety information, teachers must consult the relevant OHS Hazard Management section of the department's website.



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The DATTA Vic publishes, on CD, the journal called 'TECHNOTES' twice a year.

This publication welcomes contributions from all members and keeps members informed about current issues and Professional Learning activities, as well as providing advice about resources and practical classroom activities. 

DATTA Vic News

The newsletter 'DATTA Vic News', published once per term, includes a report from VCAA, the Professional Learning calendar, a list of relevant events for Design and Technology Education and information about useful resources.


Units of Work

Units of Work include online resources and booklets targeting different levels and areas of Design and Technology Education.



Useful videos of workshops and demonstraions.


Member Organistaion Resources

Some of our member organisations include companies that provide a range of resources for Technology Education.



The membership of the Design and Technology Teachers Association Victoria includes primary and secondary teachers, principals, consultants, tertiary educators as well as business and industry groups.

We exist primarily as an educational service for teachers and schools but are pleased to welcome anyone with an interest in Technology Education to our association.

Steve Hughes presenting a workshop on using the lathe at the DATTA Vic December Hands On Conference 2011


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Access to "TECHNOTES", keep up to date with our Technolgy Education Journal.

Links with National Associations through its representation on the Design and Technology Teachers Association Australia (DATTA Australia) (DATTA Aust.). DATTA Aust. in turn is a member of the recognised National body the Technology Federation of Australia (Technology TEFA ).

Further to this DATTA Vic is regularly in contact with subject associations in other states and territories.

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