VCE Systems Engineering Teachers' Exam Prep (PL1837)

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This workshop helps teachers get their students ready for the VCE exam by reviewing unit 3 and 4 outcomes, refreshing essential knowledge and focusing on important information from the examiner's report.

The workshop includes:

  • Preparing for examination on Unit 3 and 4
  • Important information from the examiner’s report
  • The marking process and what examiners look for in an exam response
  • Where students have gone wrong in the past
  • Sharing ideas and tips so as to gain the best results 

This exam preparation workshop will be presented by Colin Chapman, and is an invaluable professional learning opportunity for teachers. Lunch is provided.



Colin Chapman



Monday 17th September
10am - 3.30pm



Caroline Chisolm Catholic College, 204 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook, 3019



$199 for members

$299 for non-members

$99 for students/CRT

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