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Design & Technologies Week 2023  

Design and Technologies Week is a national celebration of all things D&T that takes place every year in classrooms throughout Australia. It's THE time to promote our fantastic learning area within your schools, showcasing the creative, innovative and challenging work your students are engaged in – to colleagues, principals, families and the wider community.

So how can you get involved?

Run a design or engineering challenge with your class? Showcase some of your student designs at assembly? Put on an exhibition of classwork? Hold a runway show or organise a lunchtime maker club or repair café? The choice is yours! It's a great way to build support for your subject and attract more students. Just please remember to register above so we know you're taking part!



DATTA Vic are offering two main programs for Design & Technologies Week 2023.

On the 18th October, our Special Members' Event and AGM is taking place at Abbotsford Convent, and we hope you can join us to explore how we can appropriately celebrate First Nations knowledge in Design & Technologies teaching and learning, as well as hearing how your professional association has been supporting our members.

On the 19th of October, we're launching our Industrial Design Students as Technicians in Schools Program, a major initiative which seeks to improve the quality of D&T education while tackling the critical shortage of teachers in our learning area.

We hope you can join us for these exciting events!


DATTA Vic have produced some new resources for our members for D&T Week 2023.

Our Minecraft Melbourne Design Challenges provide an immersive and engaging design experience for your students that links directly to the requirements of the Design and Technologies learning area, as well as providing everything you need to facilitate a student-centred approach.

Through these resources, your students can engage - individually or collaboratively - in tackling some of the biggest issues of our time: food and energy security, sustainability and health & wellbeing. These all link to the current United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals and also introduce the concept of Solarpunk, which can help to facilitate their approaches to designing and building preferred futures for the city of Melbourne.


If you need some more ideas for activities, the Design & Technologies Week website is filled with resources to help you engage your students - including design challenges, engineering activities, virtual tours, STEM projects industry podcasts and much, much more!

Thanks to the Department of Education for their support for this initiative through their Strategic Partnership Program





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