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Upcoming Workshops

    • 29 Sep 2023
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Online

    When: 9am - 11am, Friday 29th September

    Where: Online

    Presenters: Michael Slinger


    • $25 per student
    • $0 for accompanying teachers
    • $50 for teachers attending without students

    This workshop will help prepare students for the end of the year VCE Systems Engineering exam. It will focus on:

    • a refreshment of Unit 3 & 4 outcomes
    • relevant information from the examiner's reports and previous exams
    • a range of helpful student activities
    • sharing hints and tips to gain the best results
    • lots of exam revision resources to keep
    *Please note: the session link will be sent out to the email on the registration form a couple of days prior to the event. A recording of this session will be available to purchase in the DATTA Vic online shop. 

    Click HERE to access DATTA Vic's Child Protection Policy, Procedures and insurance documentation

      • 5 Oct 2023
      • 4:00 PM
      • 1 Dec 2023
      • 5:00 PM
      • Online


      • Thursday 5th October, 9.30am - 4pm, National Gallery of Victoria
      • Thursday 26th October, 5pm - 6.30pm, online
      • Thursday 16th November, 5pm - 6.30pm, online
      • Friday 1st December, 9am - 3.30pm, Tomorrow's Innovators conference, Northern College of the Arts & Technology, Preston

      Presenters: Peter Murphy


      • $0 for members
      • $0 for non-members
      • $0 for students/CRT members

      *Entry is via application. Please note places are strictly limited

      APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - You have been emailed if you are a successful applicant! Please check your junk if you applied and have not received any correspondence. 

      In 2021, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) introduced its Framework for the Assessment of Creative Thinking. This aims to help teachers "measure their students’ capacity to engage productively in the generation, evaluation and improvement of ideas that can result in original and effective solutions, advances in knowledge, and impactful expressions of imagination.” 

      DATTA Vic has developed this Teaching Design & Creative Thinking Masterclass for primary teachers to help them innovate in the delivery of STEM and Design & Technologies, and celebrate the opportunities this curriculum offers to make their students critical and creative thinkers, skilled at solving authentic problems. This program aims to inspire participants to take a new approach to Design-based Learning and consider how they can facilitate their own students’ creative thinking capabilities.  

      We're delighted to be partnering with NGV on this program, and we'll start with a full-day, in person workshop at the St. Kilda Road venue on the 5th October. This will include special access to Up Down and All Around Daniel Emma for Kids exhibition, which seeks to introduce children to the role of design in our world and encourage them to become creative problem solvers.

      There will then be two online sessions in the evenings of the 26th October and 16th November. Participants will have their final session at the DATTA Vic annual conference, Tomorrow's Innovators, on the 1st of December, where they'll celebrate the outcomes of their design sprints with delegates - and get to attend the rest of the event at no cost.

      Places are free but are strictly limited, and are via application. Note applications close on August 31st!

      Preference will be given to low SES and regional schools, however the information included in your personal statement will also be taken into account. We encourage small groups of teachers from the same school to join where possible, as you'll be supported to develop programs for your own contexts

      Thanks to the Department of Education for their support for this initiative through their Strategic Partnership Program

        • 16 Oct 2023
        • 9:00 AM
        • 22 Oct 2023
        • 3:30 PM
        • Online

        When: Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd October 2023

        Where: In schools throughout Victoria!

        How will you celebrate National Design & Technologies Week?


        Design and Technologies Week is a national celebration of all things D&T that takes place every year in classrooms throughout Australia. It's THE time to promote our fantastic learning area within your schools, showcasing the creative, innovative and challenging work your students are engaged in – to colleagues, principals, families and the wider community.

        So how can you get involved?

        Run a design or engineering challenge with your class? Showcase some of your student designs at assembly? Put on an exhibition of classwork? Hold a runway show or organise a lunchtime maker club or repair café? The choice is yours! It's a great way to build support for your subject and attract more students. Just please remember to register above so we know you're taking part!

        If you need some more ideas for activities, the Design & Technologies Week website is filled with resources to help you engage your students - including design challenges, engineering activities, virtual tours, STEM projects industry podcasts and much, much more!

        Thanks to the Department of Education for their support for this initiative through their Strategic Partnership Program

          • 18 Oct 2023
          • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
          • Abbotsford Convent

          When: Wednesday 18th October, 5pm - 7.30pm


          The Community Room at Abbotsford Convent

          1 St Heliers St 

          Abbotsford VIC 3067   

          Community and Linen Room Map 

            Only open to DATTA Vic members

              We're looking very much forward to welcoming you to our home grounds at the Abbotsford Convent for our special members' AGM evening: 

              Allow us to showcase the beautiful Convent buildings and surrounding gardens while we are joined by a Wurundjeri Elder and talk First Nations Culture and all things sustainability.

              At The DATTA Vic AGM, you'll get to hear about the work we've been doing on behalf of our members over the past year. This meeting offers you the chance to have a say in the running of YOUR association.

              You can access the notice of meeting, agenda and nominations form HERE.

              This is a free event for DATTA Vic members, but registration is essential. We can't wait to see you there!

              Thanks to the Department of Education & Training for their support for this event through their Strategic Partnership Program

                • 19 Oct 2023
                • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
                • RMIT Building 45, 33 Lygon Street, Carlton

                When: Thursday October 19th, 5.30pm - 7pm

                Where: RMIT Design Building, Building 45, 33 Lygon Street, Carlton

                Presenters: Peter Murphy et al

                Cost: Free for all but registration is essential

                *This session is free and open to all teachers, but registrations are essential. Please share this with your management teams within your own school networks*

                One of the ways we are celebrating Design & Technologies Week 2023 is with the launch of our Industrial Design Students as Technicians in Schools program, which is developed with support from Creative Futures and in partnership with RMIT.

                The aim is to connect schools that would like to improve the safety and quality of their Design and Technologies / STEAM education and offer innovative approaches to staffing.

                We know from the DATTA Vic Technologies Teacher Shortage Report that 97% of schools in Victoria have difficulty finding qualified Technologies teachers and as result 86% of school are using out-of-field teachers as a necessity. We also know that there are few active courses focused on initial teacher education Technologies teachers.

                Industrial Design graduates as Technicians can be a fantastic addition to the D&T faculty.  Many of them are seeking part-time work in design fields and bring skills in traditional and emerging technologies. They are also positive role models for your students, and have an understanding of the design sector.

                 This program can connect you to young, highly skilled individuals that can help to support your faculties now and in the future. Industrial Design students are well-placed to help you in a range of areas, and could even become your future teachers!

                Join us at this event where you'll hear from Industrial Design students/Graduates who are now working in schools as technicians, and the teachers who have employed them. You'll discover the positive impact this has had upon the faculty and the school, and will cover the practicalities of establishing and managing this role.

                • 31 Oct 2023
                • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
                • Online

                When:  Tuesday 31st October, 4pm - 6pm 

                Where: Online - Delivered via Webex (link will be sent one business day prior)

                Presenter: Dijana Jovanovic


                • $75 for members
                • $115 for non-members 
                • $45 for students/CRTs

                This professional learning session is for teachers who use Adobe Illustrator in their classrooms in a more basic capacity and would like more proficiency with using the 'pen tool' - which allows for more elaborate and precise CAD drawings. 

                All education staff should have access to Adobe Creative Cloud which allows you free sign in to the Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and many more programs! 

                Dijana Jovanovic, who will be running attendees through this session, is an Industrial Design student at RMIT University with 14 years professional experience using the Adobe Suite. She studied both Photography and Graphic Design where she developed a keen creative eye, practical skills and an appreciation for all fields of art and design.

                Attendees will need:

                • Downloaded version of Adobe Illustrator or access to Adobe Creative Cloud
                • If you want to follow along with the session like a tutorial, two screens would be advised!
                  Participants will receive the recording, presenter slides and associated resources after the event.

                  NOTE: The Webex link for this session will be sent via email a business day prior to the event. 

                  Thanks to the Department of Education & Training for their support for this event through their Strategic Partnership Program

                  • 17 Nov 2023
                  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
                  • Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew
                  • 0
                  Join waitlist

                  Photos by Nancy K and Alison Pang on Unsplash

                  When: Friday, 17th November, 8:30am - 3:30pm

                  Where: Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew

                  Presenter: Fenja Johnson


                  • $320 for members
                  • $420 for non-members 
                  • $220 for students/CRT Members

                  Morning tea and Lunch will be provided.

                  • You DO NOT need a Purchase Order Number or to register - You are welcome to book immediately and email us with the PON once you receive it from your school.
                  • Please don't forget to register via our website!  Unless you fill in our booking form, we don’t know you want to attend! Just remember - if you don't receive a confirmation email from DATTA Vic, you aren't registered!

                  There is a reason why corsets and bustiers will never go out of fashion: they are often the foundation of dressmaking. Fitting garments to the female form can be a challenging undertaking for students, but with the right knowledge, you can help them design and create beautiful bodices that can be worn beyond the sewing studio mannequin. 

                  Fenja Johnson, who will be running you through this amazing session, is a Textiles and English teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar. She is a passionate sewist, pattern tester for indie designers and all-round fashion enthusiast. She views sewing as a form of rebellion and is dedicated to encouraging everyone to craft a me-made wardrobe of their dreams. You can follow her sewing adventures on Instagram @sew.heart.soul

                  In this workshop, participants will spend the day crafting a modern boned bustier. Topics covered will include:

                  • What makes a perfectly fitting bodice
                  • The female body and how to measure it accurately, particularly the bust.
                  • How to make a toile and troubleshoot fitting issues
                  • Pattern and fabric cutting
                  • Interfacing
                  • Sewing wire channeling and bra foam
                  • Exploring fabrics used for intimates.
                  • Exploring fabrics used for garments.
                  • Inserting an invisible zip OR a lace up back.
                  • Creating a modern boned bustier.

                  A kit of fabrics and notions will be included in the workshop cost.

                  • 20 Nov 2023
                  • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                  • Whittlesea Tech School
                  • 15

                  When: Monday 20th November, 9:30am - 3pm

                  Where: Whittlesea Tech School, Epping

                  Presenter: Pat McMahon


                  • $269 for members
                  • $380 for non-members 
                  • $169 for students/CRT Members

                  Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

                  Join our resident expert, retired Systems Engineering teacher, Pat McMahon, to learn about some of the essential concepts in engineering principles and systems. 

                  Geared towards teachers new and existing to the subject, you will design and make your own Infrared Mini Juke Box and using a micro-controller (Picaxe or Arduino) you will write code to play different tunes and control various colour LEDs to give the effect of a Juke Box! 

                  NB: Arduino participants will be given an assembled Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller and Picaxe participants will build and solder their own Pat's 14M2 V9 Microcontroller

                  Want to see what you'll be making? 

                  How to Build-Infrared Mini Juke Box.pdf

                  or visit patsrobots.com projects A027 or P034

                  Participants must bring:

                  • their own computer/laptop
                  • a smart phone

                  Thanks to the Department of Education for their support for this event through their Strategic Partnership Program

                  • 21 Nov 2023
                  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
                  • Online


                  When:  Tuesday 21st November, 4pm - 6pm 

                  Where: Online - Delivered via Webex

                  Presenter: Carol-Anne Durkin 


                  • $75 for members
                  • $115 for non-members 
                  • $45 for students/CRTs

                  Carol-Anne has been a Design and Technology teacher for over 20 years. She has been delivering the Design syllabus in QLD since its introduction in 2019 and has worked as a subject matter expert, critical friend, confirmer, endorser, external exam marker and external exam writer for the Design syllabus. Carol-Anne has presented at the DATTA QLD conference for the last few years on elements of the Design syllabus.

                  In this session, Carol-Anne will unpack the double diamond design process and how it applies to assessment. The session will involve a practical activity to help understand how the double diamond design process can be implemented in the classroom. 

                  Please feel free to let your Visual Communication Design teachers know to register too as this session can also benefit them in understanding the Double Diamond Design process application.

                  Participants will receive the recording and associated resources after the event.

                  NOTE: The Webex link for this session will be sent via email a business day prior to the event. 

                  Thanks to the Department of Education for their support for this event through their Strategic Partnership Program

                  • 1 Dec 2023
                  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                  • Northern College of the Arts & Technology (NCAT)
                  • 142

                  BOOKINGS NOW OPEN!

                  When: Dec 1st

                  Where: Northern College of the Arts & Technology (NCAT), Melbourne

                  DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM

                  TOMORROW'S INNOVATORS will celebrate the potential of young people to become problem-solvers, innovators and actors for development, and explore how Design & Technologies education can equip them with the skills and confidence to excel in the future.

                  With an inspiring keynote, 26 amazing workshops, an exciting trade exhibition and the best networking opportunity of the year, this is a day not to miss.

                  Bookings open! Make sure to get in early to get the workshops you'd like!

                  NB: You do not need a PO number to register - if your school does not allow you to attend you MUST let us know 4 days prior so that you do not get charged! 


                  Members: $290

                  Non-members: $390

                  CRT/Students/Pre-service Teachers: $90


                  Thanks to our conference sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers:

                  Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

                  Past events

                  18 Sep 2023 Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass (PL2336SP)
                  16 Sep 2023 VCE PD&T Online Exam Prep for Students (PL2333)
                  28 Aug 2023 VCE Systems Engineering Exam Prep for Teachers (PL2350)
                  18 Aug 2023 The DATTA Vic Symposium - The New VCE PD&T Study Design (PL2341SP)
                  16 Aug 2023 Online Teach Meet - STEM Projects - Deep Dive Years 9 & 10 (PL2327SP)
                  8 Aug 2023 Fusion 360 for Beginners (PL2342SP)
                  1 Aug 2023 VCE PD&T Exam Prep for Teachers (PL2347)
                  25 Jul 2023 Cloud-based CAD for Beginners with Onshape (PL2329SP)
                  21 Jul 2023 Emerging Materials - Resin & Jesmonite (PL2330SP)
                  17 Jul 2023 Online Teach Meet - A.I for Design & Technologies Teachers (PL2340SP)
                  11 Jul 2023 Online Teaching Design Masterclass, Term 3 (PL2337)
                  3 Jul 2023 Creative Futures Annual Design Workshop
                  19 Jun 2023 (Cancelled) Online Teach Meet - Surviving Semester One! (PL2343)
                  13 Jun 2023 Start Designing in 3D with Tinkercad (PL2328SP)
                  7 Jun 2023 'Cut & Create' - an intro to laser cutting (PL2325SP)
                  31 May 2023 Online Teach Meet - STEM Projects - Deep Dive Years 7 & 8 (PL2326SP)
                  22 May 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 2 Online - 22nd May, 2023 (PL2322SP)
                  22 May 2023 IM-PERMANENT Schools Program - Mycelium and Sustainability(PL2323)
                  17 May 2023 Build Your Own Micro-controller based Robot (PL2315SP)
                  15 May 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 4 Online - May 15th 2023 (PL2321SP)
                  12 May 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 2 & 4 Face to Face Teacher Workshop (PL2320SP)
                  2 May 2023 Online Teaching Design Masterclass, Term 2 (PL2312)
                  28 Apr 2023 Beginners' Guide to 3D modelling with SketchUp (PL2311SP)
                  24 Apr 2023 STEM Upskilling Members' Incursion Term 2 - Having fun with Arduino (PL2332)
                  4 Apr 2023 Making drawing easy with ‘Procreate’ (PL2317SP)
                  24 Mar 2023 Fashion Illustration at the Convent (PL2310)
                  23 Mar 2023 STEM Upskilling Members' Incursion - Get Started with Arduino (PL2324)
                  14 Mar 2023 Fusion 360 Intermediate Online Workshops (PL2313SP)
                  7 Mar 2023 Online Teach Meet - Link your School with Industry – Spotlight on CSIRO (PL2318SP)
                  6 Mar 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 1 Online - 6th March, 2023 (PL2304SP)
                  28 Feb 2023 VCE Systems Engineering Unit 3 Online - 28 Feb, 2023 (PL2305SP)
                  27 Feb 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 3 Online - 27th Feb, 2023 (PL2302SP)
                  21 Feb 2023 VCE Systems Engineering Unit 1 Online - 21st Feb, 2023 (PL2306SP)
                  17 Feb 2023 VCE PD&T Unit 1 & 3 Face to Face Teacher Workshop (PL2301SP)
                  9 Dec 2022 Designing the Future Conference
                  14 Nov 2022 OH&S in the Technology Classroom (PL2250)
                  27 Oct 2022 Teaching Design & Creative Thinking Masterclass for Primary Teachers (PL2247)
                  26 Oct 2022 DATTA Vic Special Members' Event & AGM at Melbourne School of Design (PL2249)
                  20 Oct 2022 Online Teach Meet -Everything you need to know about laser cutters in the D&T classroom! (PL2248)
                  18 Oct 2022 Fusion 360 for Education - Upskilling for Beginners (PL2240)
                  17 Oct 2022 National Design & Technologies Week 2022
                  1 Oct 2022 VCE Systems Engineering Exam Prep for Students - Online (PL2227)
                  17 Sep 2022 VCE PD&T Exam Prep for Students - Online (PL2231)
                  8 Sep 2022 Online Teach Meet - Tech for Textiles – Using the Cricut in Design & Technologies (PL2238)
                  1 Sep 2022 STEM Upskilling Members' Incursion - Get Started with Arduino in Shepparton (PL2243)
                  30 Aug 2022 Solidworks in the Classroom Masterclass (PL2245)
                  25 Aug 2022 Online Teach Meet - Future-focused STEM (PL2239)
                  25 Aug 2022 STEM Upskilling Members' Incursion - Get Started with Arduino (PL2242)
                  2 Aug 2022 Fusion 360 for Education - Upskilling for Beginners (PL2233)
                  28 Jul 2022 Getting Started with Arduino Teacher Masterclass (PL2234)
                  6 Jul 2022 Creative Futures Annual Design Workshop
                  21 Jun 2022 Innovation Through Design (PL2229)
                  16 May 2022 Online Teach Meet - Indigenous Education in Design & Technologies (PL2222)
                  2 May 2022 VCE PD&T Unit 4 Webinar (PL2218)

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